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Hello Idirisa, that’s just what this blog post is trying to resolve

Hello Idirisa, that’s just what this blog post is trying to resolve

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Generally speaking, vowels are songs made out of slightly an open mouth and you may function the fresh new nucleus regarding syllables, and consonants were created which have iamnaughty a more limited ventilation and you may punctuate new vowel load. However some consonants (especially w and you will y) are vowel-for example. All the best with your project!

Hey, This really is hushed intriguing and scratches to be the base of one vocabulary basis knowing they how exactly to produce, understand and you can discuss about it it fundamentally. My personal question for you is, do the vowels alter with regards to the certain language otherwise was just the same? since the we saw the brand new Portuguese vowels try just like the identical to new English of them. Yet not We thanks a whole lot for this help whenever i show it with people in need of assistance, an excellent progress.

Hey, thus I’m curious if normally answer this question you to i’m so confused about , “the relationship ranging from consonants and you will vowels is rather heterogeneous and never homogeneous ” teach

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Hey Justine, the vowels in Portuguese are not the same since the English of these, plus in fact there can be a lot of variability in the English vowels, since there are many English designs. I suppose that the same applies to Portuguese because the spoken as much as the nation, regardless if I have been in order to Portugal, Brazil and you can Timor Leste, but since i have hardly discover people Portuguese We wasn’t able to notice highlight distinctions.